A Rose for Emily 17

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Psychiatry Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: April 17, 2012
A Rose for Emily
A Rose for Emily is a story that deals with a women’s sentimental illness caused by isolation. Emily Grierson looses her moral compass, and her trace of reality, her inability to be loved, her desire to be considered as someone important, was never accomplished. The author shows plans of development; using characterization, symbolism, and setting. This is a very symbolic and animatic story. William Faulkner points out his views of empathy towards Emily in the story when he illustrates that Emily had an emotional abusive upbringing with her father. In addition, we see the historical fiction and setting which reflects the racist times that was given in the past. A Rose of Emily is also a symbol of a gothic, and horror story. Her abusive relationship, that also suffers betrayal by her father, which gives Emily is a character, in which Faulkner shows us that she becomes more social isolated by the time. She also becomes mentally ill, and her emotional dilemma takes control of everyone that’s around her. Emily Grierson the Protagonist, labels her as the first speaker of the story is proven to suffer from highly sentimental illness, a very emotionally frustrated character, her desiring aspirations to find love, her fantasy to be loved, and her determination to not be humiliated by Homer Barron (Antagonist), causes her absolute denial in accepting reality, which makes her to do evil deeds throughout the ending of the story. Homer Barron was her only sense of normality, the only individual who was keeping her sane, and alive. Faulkner gives us a surprise of Emily’s rounded character, for instance, her emotional illness bring us to be astonished of her bazaar and dynamic character behavior as quoted, “What was left of him, rotted beneath what was left of the nightshirt, had become inextricable from the bed in which he lay; and upon him and upon the pillow beside him lay that even coating of the patient and biding dust. Then we noticed that in the...
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