A Career of Interpreter/ Translator

Topics: Translation, Language interpretation, Linguistics Pages: 3 (685 words) Published: October 20, 2010
A Career of Interpreter/ Translator

I have always wanted to do something that was a little out of the ordinary. I first thought that I’d like to enter the field when I was at a primary school, than I thought that it’s incredible interesting, breathtaking occupation…

I want to be an interpreter for several reasons. First, I enjoy working with people in everyday situations. I like the challenge of being an interpreter; the process of translating one language into another while realizing all the factors that have an effect on that language is exciting.

Getting involved with life and being in situations I may have never experienced for myself is another advantage of the job. I will encounter real life - and learn from it.

The responsibility of learning about the world around me is another aspect of the job that I enjoy. An effective interpreter must be someone with a broad knowledge base and a willingness to learn. I enjoy having to keep myself up to date on the world around me.

Finally, I want to have a positive impact on the world around me. I’ll have a direct impact on people’s everyday life and I feel ready to accept the responsibility and rewards that come with that challenge.

And one more reason for become an interpreter/translator is my cherished longing to see the world… I always wanted to visit as much counties as possible, to acquaint myself with different cultures and to see real works of the world art by myself and, maybe, it could be great to meet some new friends.

Interpreting vs. Translation

Interpreting and translation are two closely related linguistic disciplines. Yet they are rarely performed by the same people. The difference in skills, training, aptitude, and even language knowledge are so substantial that few people can do both successfully on a professional level.

On the surface, the difference between interpreting and translation is only the difference in the medium: the interpreter translates...
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