Workforce Issues in Nursing

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Workforce Issues in Nursing

Workforce Issues in Nursing
The article is titled “The Myth of the Nursing Shortage” and it tells about the experience of a graduate nurse and her difficulty finding a job. This is why it refers to the nursing shortage as being a “myth”. It also mentions the difficulty LPN’s and ADN’s are having finding jobs in middle of a severe shortage that is supposed to get worse. The purpose of this paper is to address issues of the nursing shortage and hiring practices of new nurses. (Casselman, 2013).

To a lay person, this may seem confusing. How can a profession turn away its fresh blood in the midst of a shortage? The article mentions the recession as being a large reason. Many nurses who would have retired didn’t or those who did retire came back into the job market. Being that these nurses will retire soon, a more severe shortage will occur in the near future leaving less experienced nurses to carry the load. (Casselman, 2013).

I worked as a respiratory therapist for 15 years before I decided to become a nurse. Actually I was talked into it by the director of nurses of the hospital I was currently working at. The hospital held a lunch and advertised free nursing school to any of the ancillary medical staff working in respiratory, radiology, pharmacy, EMS and the LVNs. About 15 of us took the bait but only 3 of us graduated. We all began our two year contract requirement in the step down ICU units and eventually began working in the ED and other ICU units. It was the hardest two years I ever worked. Of the three of us I am the only one still in nursing. The other two went back to being paramedics. It took me roughly five years to finally quit only to return to nursing again because of economic hardship. After about four months of being unable to find a full time position, I settled on an agency job. The hospitals I was working agency with were short staffed yet I could only get a job with them through...
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