Wife of Bath

Topics: The Wife of Bath's Tale, The Canterbury Tales, Marriage Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Brooklyn Evans
Ms. Morrison
English IV
Thursday, April 11, 2013
The Role of Power, Principles and Rules and Order in The Wife of Bath’s Tale
Alison, Geoffrey Chaucer's vigorous tell-all wife of bath, reveals almost too much about her lust for nothing but power in "The Wife of Bath's Tale". Given her lack of disgrace The Wife of Bath discloses more than intended, her indirect manner, sly personalities and infidelity and cruelties. This satirical character contradicts herself by using refinement as a big principle in her tale. Chaucer reveals in "The Wife of Bath's Tale" the major role power plays and discusses the bigger principle of gentility, “The Wife of Bath's Tale" recommends that women's desire is a force that must be conformed in order to hold humanity together. In the Wife of Bath's Tale, The hag wields the most supremacy although most do not realize that as the tale begins. The hag manipulated her appearance multiple times in the tale and revealed her secret control above everything (Thomas). Does The Wife of Bath wield power fairly? She uses her conniving personality and manipulative ways to conjure up such a character and wield all the power upon her. The knight states, “My lady and my love, my dearest wife, I leave the matter to your wise decision” (Chaucer). The Wife's sovereignty is exercised at the conclusion through the power of fabrication as she proves to be a cinematic illusion maker. The hag immediately changes her appearance to please the knight, “Cast up the curtain, husband. Look at me!”(Chaucer). The wife is consistently manipulating the hag's appearance for the knight’s consumption and wielding complete sovereignty over him. The term sovereignty's primary meanings are: Excellence, superiority of a kind, quality, etc.; Preeminence in a class, supremacy of power or rank (Thomas). Power can be directly related to the Wife of Bath's Tale by men in tale consistently giving their authority to their wives. The knights surprising decision to...
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