Why did people come to USA?

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  • Published : November 19, 2013
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History homework

The main reason people came to America was to find work. How far do you agree ?

I agree with this statement as it was a strong factor to many citizens in Europe as well as the rest of the world due to a shortage of jobs, however despite it being a big pull factor, this was not the only reason people went to America. Other large reason for people migrating to America were the ; lack of space, little opportunity due to what class you were amongst and persecution. In comparison to a place where there is more than enough room, lots of jobs and opportunity, many natural resources and it was known as the 'land of the free' as you had the right to whatever lifestyle you wanted to live which was a very eye-catching for religious people such as the Jews.

A large reason for someone would be as it is the land of the free, you couldn't be persecuted for speaking your mind or any beliefs you had. I think this would of been a huge part of your decision based on your religion, so if you were Jewish it would be ideal or if you were Russian you could avoid persecution from the people higher in power. Jewish men and women were not allowed to learn any trades in Europe, yet in America they would be allowed to, which in turn ,earned them and their family a lot more money to live a prosperous life. I also feel if I were a Russian ,Jew or anyone else trying to avoid being mistreated and looked down upon then this would be a great fresh start, This would be a slight pull factor for many as well due to the social standing placement still in order despite it's best efforts to stop it. Despite many countries claims that your quality of lifestyle or job wouldn't be influenced by your inherited social class it still occurred quite heavily on the other side of the Atlantic. is You could rebuild yourself , no questions asked! many young people migrated there to get a fresh start, to get an opportunity which there was a lack of in Britain and Europe. the...
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