Unit 1 – Developing Effective Communication

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Unit 1 – Developing effective communication

Difficult, complex or sensitive.
This can overcome barriers as the person who is supporting the other person may find it hard to support them and hard to communicate with them effectively. Mentors are effective because they have good communication skills which they will listen so they get a good understanding of what is being said. Mentors will give guidance on a issue the person may have.

Values and belief system.
If the person had different beliefs to the carer then it may clash as they both may not agree to the same things which will cause a barrier, however to overcome this the person and carer may have the same beliefs which will make them both have a better understanding of information they are giving. Advocates are helpful as they can speak to the person to see what their needs are so that the person’s values and beliefs are respected by others.

This creates a barrier because if the person is aggressive then they may withdrawn themselves and may not want to communicate with others. This would make the person feel intimidated and threatened. A befriender will be useful because they have good communication skills which will make them listen to them which will create a supportive relationship with the other person. They also work as if they were friends which will help the person feel better because he can open up and say things they want to say.

Language needs/preferences.
This can create barriers to communication because people have a preferred first language so if a different community use a different language to the other person then they both will find it hard to understand what is being said and might get the information given wrong. A translator will be useful as they will be able to translate what is being said to each other so they both understand what is being said.

Sensory impairment and disability.
Sensory impairment can create barriers to communication because...
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