Types of Processors

Topics: Intel Core, X86, X86-64 Pages: 6 (1214 words) Published: February 24, 2011
Since the inception of mainstream computing into the homes of society there has been but two consumer and commercial level computer processor manufacturers. The Intel Corporation is undoubtedly the first name any consumer thinks of when the word processor is mentioned. Intel has been producing the most top-of-the-line computer processors for several decades now. AMD or Advanced Micro Devices is Intel's only true competitor in the computer processor market producing computer processors which rival the speed and power of Intel's.

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|Intel Core i7 |Intel Core i7 Mobile |AMD Phenom II X6 | |As Intel's newest flagship processor, the i7 is a |Intel's Core i7 Mobile features unparalleled |AMD's Phenom II X6 represents the industry's first consumer class | |64-bit processor offering either 2, 4, or 6 cores of|performance on notebooks, incorporating significant |six-core processor. The X6 offers the highest levels of performance| |the highest levels of performance available. The i7 |power savings while implementing the same features |ideal for the most intensive of tasks - bolstered by AMD's new | |combines Hyper Threading and Turbo Boost |as the non-mobile i7, Hyper Threading and Turbo |Turbo Core technology, the X6 is able to optimize performance in a | |technologies for the most demanding and advanced of |Boost. The i7 Mobile is available on notebooks with |variety of situations. | |applications. |2 or 4 cores; currently the 4 core version offers |  | |  |higher performance in some respects but heat and | | | |battery life are concerns. | |

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|Intel Core i5 |Intel Core i5 Mobile |AMD Phenom II X4 | |Based upon the same architecture as the i7, the i5 is also a |The Intel Core i5 Mobile while also featuring Hyper |AMD's latest generation of consumer class 4 core processors, the | |64-bit processor that features 2 or 4 cores at a similar class |Threading and Turbo Boost possesses a similar but |quad-core Phenom II X4 chips are designed to deliver performance | |of performance of the i7 processor at a lower cost. The i5 |lesser class of performance than the Core i7 Mobile |ideal for all kinds of multimedia as well as in the most demanding | |features Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading technology but do not |with less cache and available in notebooks only with|of applications such as virtualization. | |possess as much cache memory as the i7. |2 cores. The i5 Mobile is a high performance | | | |processor with low energy requirements. | |

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