Trends in Hospitality

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  • Published : February 4, 2014
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There are many different trends that come about every year in the hospitality. There are two sectors in particular that have shown a great deal of trends in the last couple of years. Those to sectors are the gaming industry and in the event and meeting planning industry. Trends are incredibly important as far as how they can impact the different sectors of the hospitality industry as well as how they impact the industry as a whole. They should be adhered to and if they are not there can be real consequences to the business.

The gaming industry is a huge part of the hospitality industry. With so many casinos around the world that have hotels and restaurants incorporated into them, it is easy to see why they play such a vital role in the industry as a whole. One trend that has taken place in the last year with the gaming industry, however, is online gaming. With the development of online slot games as well as others, this has become a very popular alternative. This has not been legalized in the United States as of yet, but there have been many who have campaigned for it to be legalized. There are new slot machine games being developed every year and the trend is growing faster by the month. Many of the new games are based on popular forms of entertainment, such as television shows and movies, and draw a great many audiences. This has grown vastly popular in the United Kingdom right now and many hope that it will soon spread to the United States. One of the challenges that could arise with an increase in online gambling is what it will do to brick and mortar casinos. One way to help the business from being hurt is offer new and exciting options at the casinos as well as possibly the casinos being the ones to develop the online gaming options. As long as the industry stays in front of the trend, it could be very beneficial.

When it comes to the event planning industry there are a great deal of trends that have been occurring over the last...
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