Tour-Guide: Providing Location-Based Tourist Information on Mobile Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Tourism Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: May 29, 2011
Nowadays, people’s consumption structure is improving
steadily. There has been a large increase in the number of
people out on tours, for the sake of recreation and
entertainment. Tourism is the strongest and largest industry in the global economy. It has played a significant role in
boosting the city's economy and social employment. In the
traditional tourism industry, tourist information is obtained mainly through newspaper, magazines, radio and other
simple ways. It can not update and utilize timely. The poor situation of the real-time performance failed to meet people’s growing demand. The emergence of the Internet makes up
for this shortfall. Detailed texts, pictures, videos and other guidance information are provided, so people can better
understand the tourist attractions and make decision
objectively. However, this approach also has some
drawbacks. Since most people use personal computer to
access Internet, they can not get information anywhere and
anytime. People need intelligent, professional and
personalized user-centric mobile information services.
The integration of the Internet and mobile
communication is the main tend of the information industry. With the development of the mobile communication
technology, mobile telephone has been used not only as
communication tool, but also as entertainment and office
tools, providing ubiquitous information access, leisure and entertainment, helping people keep in contact with their
friends and so on. With portable, wireless mobile devices to access Internet has become a new requirement. To use
information technology to publicize and manage tourism,
fully making use of mobile telephone to provide guidance
information for people’s tour is becoming imperative
requirement of modern tour.
The prevalence of mobile phones and the pervasiveness
of the wireless networks make mobile a promising platform
for personal ubiquitous computing. Current mobile services...
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