The Wolverine

Topics: Deer, Mammals of Asia, Mammals of Europe Pages: 2 (303 words) Published: October 8, 1999
The Wolverine

BY:William Cline

I am doing my report on the wolverine.Which is classified in the kingdom Anamalia, the phylum Vertibrae and the class Mamalia.The scientific name for the wolverine is Gulo gulo.Their common name is glutton.

The Wolverine ranges from northern Europe and Siberia through northern North America. Their distribution once extended as far south as Colorado, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and perhaps Michigan.
It looks like a weasel maybe because it is in the weasel family.It has black and brown fur and long claws.It's legs are short but strong. The Wolverine is usually solitary except for members of the opposite sex and a female's young. After the females give birth they hide with their young. The mother defends her territory and intruders are not tolerated. This territorial behavior continues until the young are ready to hunt on their own.

The Wolverine has a diet that can include anything from small eggs to full-sized deer. The Wolverine is capable of bringing down prey that is five times bigger than itself. It is equipped with large claws and with pads on its feet that allow it to chase down prey in deep snow. Some prey species include reindeer, roe deer, wild sheep, and elk. The wolverine can be very swift when it is on the attack, reaching speeds of over thirty miles an hour.It also uses it's claws to protect itself.

In total I can truly say that the wolverine is one mean guy and he can kick some major butt. So if you see one remember to stay away or be brave(stupid) and confront it.


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