Topics: Supply chain management, Management, Risk management Pages: 3 (562 words) Published: November 27, 2013

***Please elaborate something about the organisation. How are the products bought, manufactured and then distributed?

1. What are the different types of inventory used by your organization? a. Movement inventoriesb. Buffer inventories c. Anticipation inventories
d. Decoupling inventoriese. Cycle inventories

2. What is the reorder level of your inventory?

3. Which framework of SCM do you follow?
a. Basic SCMb. Extended SCM c. Ultimate SCM
4. What is the storage cost incurred for your inventory?

5. What percentage of inventory do you maintain as safety stock?

6. Which method do you use to classify inventory?

7. What is the cost of inventory per unit?

8. What is the minimum and maximum level of your inventory?

9. What is the managerial hierarchy for managing the SCM in your organization?

1. What strategy do you follow to ensure that an out of stock situation does not arise? 2. Do you go for information and advantage sharing with your distributors? 3. Do you have multiple godowns based on different categories of goods? 4. What are steps taken by your organization to gain competitive advantage? 5. How order processing is done?

6. What is the average time taken to process an order?

7. How do you manage your warehouse?

8. What are the modes of communication of the manufactured products to the distributors? 9. Is supply chain management a strategic senior level position in your organization or is it a part of an operations activity? 10. Do you have a built-in change management process that constantly reviews the elements of your supply chain and looks for opportunities to improve quality and operational efficiency? 11. Does your company have a clear logistics strategic plan? C. RISK MANAGEMENT IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT

1. Have you integrated risk management into your company’s unit’s supply...
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