Success in Higher Education

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There are many ways to make time spent in college successful. In return, one will provide themself with a better foundation for future career opportunities and their life beyond college. Establishing a lifestyle that will help an individual to strategically achieve his or her goals in college and in their life is the first step toward success. There are many ways in which these goals can be approached; asking intelligent questions and prioritizing events and activities are just two that may prove to be beneficial. Professor Susan Brill de Ramirez (2013) of Bradley University declares in the College Success text, that there are three key elements to succeeding in any effort which include: discipline, balance, and moderation (p. 2-3). These three fundamentals will prove to be especially important to master throughout college. Once an individual has learned these basic skills, they can be perfected throughout their life simply by taking the time to practice them.

Discipline is one of the most important steps in one’s success throughout their college years because one is in charge of oneself. This step may take years to accomplish; in fact, this is an ongoing adaptation in an individual’s life because the world around them is constantly changing and one must take the time to gain a healthy control over their actions. Discipline goes hand in hand with determination. These qualities are what separate the successful students from the unsuccessful students and are the driving forces toward succeeding in college and life beyond. A college student brings to one’s attention in the Daily 49er (2012) published by California State University in Long Beach, California, that the motivation and self-discipline of student’s are ultimately put to the test throughout their college years (“Successful College Students Possess Discipline and Determination,” 2012). The majority of what makes this test so difficult is partially dependent on the strenuous curriculum, but the massive amounts of freedom that the students are encountering for the first time in their lives makes it even more challenging. During high school, it is safe to rely on teachers to watch over each student to make sure that he or she is doing their best. Students are kept on their toes regarding homework assignments because the assignment is checked for completion at the start of every class period. In addition, attendance is taken in every class and if a student is absent, their parents are contacted to insure that it does not happen often. College on the other hand, is a whole different story. If a student does not do his or her homework, there is no teacher there scolding them or giving them a detention. The scolding is reflected upon their final semester grade. If a student does not go to class, no calls will be made to their mommy and daddy because missing important information for quizzes and exams are thought to be punishment enough. Briefly, constant guidance, checking homework, and curfews are diminished the day an individual leaves for college. Throughout a students’ collegiate career, they will have to learn to adjust and readjust a countless amount of times to being in charge of their own levels of discipline, which are likely to change daily. Taking the initiative to perform certain actions will insure success in college and potentially beyond. Attending all scheduled lectures for example, will prove most beneficial because although exam materials can usually be found in the course textbook, most questions tend to come from class lectures. In addition, it is equally important to get to know each professor individually. Attending office hours and taking the time to ask questions related to one’s progress in the class or to lecture material will help one to become more comfortable with that particular professor and with the subject matter being covered in lecture. Also, knowing that it is okay to drop a class if it is known that one is not going to pass is okay....
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