Smartphone: Mobile Phone and Excellent Time Killer

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I see all of us are wearing glasses, how did you feel when you misplaced your glasses, especially at the waking moment? Sick? Desperate? Or even panicked?
Smartphone users just got the same feeling when they misplaced their phones. Because smartphones are so functional and powerful, people need them to see what’s going on in the world. So today I’m gonna discuss the advantages and disadvantages of smartphones.

Smartphones are really making our lives convenient and efficient. Smartphone is like a stage for Apps to make everything achievable, You can manage your personal profile, bank account and investment portfolio at any time anywhere. You can store your tickets and coupons into your passbook, without printing them out. You can also use your smartphone as the navigation, camera, web browser, game station and even the flashlight.

Smartphone is also an excellent time killer,
My roomies love Sephora, they can stay there about 3 hours, but time flies when I got my smartphone with me.

Smartphones also affect our lives negatively.

Physical harm!!
Researches state that humans and animals are majorly affected with the mobile radiations, 1. Brain damage 2. Reduce in sperm count. Usages of mobile phones for approximately 10 years will double the risk of brain tumor.

What happened to our relationships??
1. Just forget about dinner conversation. Besides being neglected for your mom’s iPhone, you’ll be blinded by everyone else’s. If you forget to bring it, tonight is gonna be a disaster to you. 2. In fact, smartphone has largely stimulated the usage of social mediates, which are making our relationships cheaper, it makes love become one-night stand and makes one-night stand become online shopping, you can first downloads an app, search people and sort them by gender, age, income and distance, just don’t forget to place the order. 3. Distract students during lecture, distract driver causing car accident.

To conclude, the smartphones are fulfilling...
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