Role Model Essay

Topics: Question, Mother, Interview Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: November 26, 2014
Jasmine Rivas
T & R 4pm
October 30, 2014
Cesar Alvarado- Speech

My Role Model
The person who I truly believe is my role model would be my mother. A fifty two year old lady. Who is a strong woman I wouldn’t be able to compare her with any other. I will be doing an interview to my mother to find out information I have always wondered. My mother has always been a hard working woman without the need of help of anybody her and my father have successfully raised six children in a great way. I admire my mother more because she is the strongest and stricter with her children while my father was the most outgoing and easy on the attitude. Our interview went well and we cleared out most things I never knew why she did them.

As my mother knew I was going to be interviewing her for a class project. I believe she felt the need to be more serious and act as an interviewer rather than a mother. I felt more like in an awkward situation that I was going to talk to my mother about personal questions I have for her which I never really mentioned her about because most of the time I am always joking around with her. I started off by asking her the questions I was always wondering about since I thought my parents were like some type of super heroes or something because they would never show any side of tiredness. My questions I personally asked my mother were great because I now know the hard sacrifice of being a mother and everything you have to go thru to give your children the best. She was somewhat of a short answer question person but overall it made me understand what she was really meaning.

My mother made me feel like everything in life is sacrifice and if you want good things and have a better life you have to work harder to get them. She pushes us too much to be better even more in our education but now I know that is not because she wants us just to be in school but to be able to learn new things and be able to get better employers which will be better pay....
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