political isolation in master Harold and the boys

Topics: Old Testament, New Testament, Bible Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: October 8, 2013
One might ask what is it that we are still studying “old school” poetry in English, because the language is ancient and some of the emotional complexities are not clear. Poetry is still relevant in modern society because the subject matters that nineteenth century poets wrote about are still relatable to people. George Herbert’s ‘Redemption’:

This is an 18th century poem but it is still relevant to all people, especially to Christians. The Speaker portrays himself as a tenant who can no longer honour a contract (“suit”), which he held with his landlord. This suggests, in Biblical terms, the Old Testament, or dispensation, and the New Testament, which was intended to supplement the old testament .This poem reminds us that God will always be there for us, in times of trouble and in times of joy, all we have to do is seek Jesus and accept him as our lord and saviour. The Five students: This poem deals with life and death and the different life stages all human beings go through. The Four students die without realising their hopes. The poem is a metaphor for the passage of time and communicates Hardy’s personal feelings of isolation. The gradual decrease of the number of students is represented by the seasonal changes. ‘Futility’: Is a poem about war and how meaningless and hopeless life seems when one is surrounded by death. It deals with question of life and ones purpose in life. I think its relevance to youth is that a lot of young people have not yet found themselves in a sense that they don’t know yet what they truly want to do with their lives and sometimes life may seem pointless when there is no true driving force. ‘Those Winter Sundays’

This poem is most relevant and I think it will always be relevant because it deals with family and the sacrifices parents make for their children. This poem reminds up to appreciate the things our guardian do and have done for us and to be grateful for having them I our lives no matter how...
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