P4 Unit 1 Communication

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I am going to explain the importance of effective communication in health and social care context.

Communication is VITAL in a health and social care setting. The patient and the healthcare professional need to understand each other clearly in order for the patient to receive the best possible care. Providing care to a patient is next to impossible if the patient's needs cannot be clearly stated. Communication eases anxiety of the patient, eliminates more possibilities for mistakes, and lets each individual know what is expected of them.

Effective communication is essential when used in Health Care settings as it is the easiest way to communicate with others and ensure they understand everything they may need to know. It enables colleagues to interact effectively and productively, by sharing ideas and obtaining information this could also aid better patient care by giving them their required medicines and equipment if necessary. This may be important when staff find themselves in hazardous situations or when a patient becomes extremely ill. Effective communication also helps to form relationships, which is vital in Health Care as it comforts the patient and builds up trust between themselves and their carer.

When do we desire to communicate? We desire to communicate from when we are in our mother’s womb. Experiments have been proven to lead to further communication theories that have been developed for example ‘Babies are born with a strong desire to communicate and be understood’ this has been proven as brain activity tests have been done on newborn babies as when a newborn baby hears its mothers voice, the monitor that measures the brain waves change, whereas when a new born baby hears the fathers voice the brain activity monitor doesn’t move.

I am now going to talk about two communication theories.

The Communication Cycle

The communication cycle is a commonly used theory of communication. It was first developed by Charles Berner in 1965 then...
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