nature and nuture

Topics: Infant, Nature versus nurture, Breastfeeding Pages: 11 (4770 words) Published: April 7, 2014
Birth and Infancy- Nature/Nurture:
During this stage, babies are born with their first characteristics at birth from either, both or one parent. For example: Hair colour, eye colour, skin colour etc. This supports the nature theory, as these characteristics are things which babies are born with. However, these can be changed later during an individual’s life. For example: An individual can change their eye colour by wearing eye contacts. The same way, they may get a tan from the sun, changing the colour of their skin overall. Babies are usually born with certain reflexes. For example: Sucking reflex. This is a reflex in which babies are able to suck the mother’s breast, so that they can get the nutrients they need, in order for them to physically grow healthy. This supports the nature theory, as babies do not need to be told about how to suck the breast. The reason for this is because they are usually born with it. Another example of a reflex that babies are generally born with is the startle reflex. This is when the baby hears a loud noise, which therefore causes the baby to stretch their arms and legs out. This indicates to the mother that the baby is scared. The startle reflex is a response which helps babies to protect themselves from harm or danger. As babies grow, they are able to adapt certain reflexes. This is usually known as the grasping reflex, which includes an individual putting their fingers around the baby’s palm. The baby would then usually grasp this with a hard grip. Movements that newborn babies tend to make are usually uncontrolled, which therefore supports the nature theory. The reason for this is because as mentioned before they are born with the reflexes, in order for them to make these types of movement. Babies are able to physically cry when they are in need of something. For example: When they are hungry, they usually cry. The reason for this is because physically a baby’s body would need the right amount of nutrition, so by crying their mothers are aware that the baby needs feeding, as they are hungry. This is part of the nature theory, as this is a natural process. The reason for this is because babies do not need to be told when they need a feed or change, as they usually show this by crying. However, according to the nurture debate babies and infants need a good and positive physical environment to be able to physically develop. The reason for this is because those people around the baby are often the ones to provide care for them. For example: When the baby is crying, the mother would come up to the child and give them the milk they need, in order for them to get the nutrients, so that they can physically develop. In other words, a baby’s physical development is helped through the mother, as she is the one that usually gives the baby milk by breast feeding them.

Babies and infants are able to develop intellectually with the help of nature. The reason for this is because from the day a baby is born, they are usually very clever. This would therefore help them to do certain things. For example: They know how to grasp a finger. This shows that this supports the nature side, as they do not need to be taught to do this. A child is able to gain language development. The reason for this is because when a parent talks to their baby, they actually understand what they are talking about, even though they may not show it, but deep inside they understood what the mother is saying. Later on, infants are able to develop their full language skills. This can be developed through the help of the family or any other members. The child would be able to learn in a natural way, therefore being able to develop their speech. A baby’s brain grows rapidly more than during the stage of infancy. This means the volume of the brain would also be increasing, therefore letting the baby develop to its fullest. As the brain grows, the nerve cells and neurons would also grow too. The neurons are usually connected to...
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