Meaning of Life and Language

Topics: Language, Verb, Meaning of life Pages: 18 (3843 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Written Assignment 1: Language related tasks
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Length: Between 800 and 1000 words

Aim: To develop your ability to look at language (structure, functional language and vocabulary) from the students’ point of view to enable you to prepare thoroughly for language lessons. You should make use of grammar reference books or course books and a monolingual dictionary. Bullet points may be used in this assignment.

TASK: From the box below, select one item from each pair to analyse, and:

a) Analyse meaning:
Give a clear definition (appropriate for level) of what the item means; focus only on the meaning used in the statement.

b) Analyse form and label the parts (using terminology):
* Structure – statement/negative/question forms (if applicable); make sure it’s clear which words can be substituted and which are “set in stone”. * Vocabulary – label the item e.g. adjective, phrasal verb etc; irregular past forms, common collocations, etc. * Functional Language – show which parts are “set in stone” and which parts can be changed e.g.? Would you mind + verb+ing (present participle) + object?

c) Highlight key pronunciation features. Use phonemic script where useful. * word or sentence stress,
* weak forms,
* intonation,
* links between sounds, contractions, lost sounds, etc.

d) Anticipate problems - think about what problems students might have with the features you listed above. a) What aspects of the meaning might be difficult for students to grasp? Are there other words/structure that express something similar? Does the structure exist in students L1? b) What form-related mistakes might students make when trying to use the item? c) What problems might sts have with particular sounds, word stress or other pronunciation issues? Use your common sense as well as reference sources.

e) Imagine your students are not familiar with each language item. Describe a context that would help convey its meaning so that you could elicit the target statement.

f) State how you would check students’ understanding of the language item. Write the concept questions you would ask and provide the answers. If a timeline is appropriate, you should also include this. You can include other ways of checking too, if you wish.

g) State which reference book(s) or other source(s) you used to obtain the above information.

Choose ONE example from each pair. The target language has been underlined. -------------------------------------------------

1. -------------------------------------------------
I’m meeting Dave for lunch on Sunday. (elementary)
2. -------------------------------------------------
If I get the job, I’ll need a new car. (elementary)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. -------------------------------------------------
He shouldn’t have insulted the policeman (upper-intermediate) 4. -------------------------------------------------
She might have left already. (upper-intermediate)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. -------------------------------------------------
He takes after his mother. (pre-intermediate)
6. -------------------------------------------------
She is very sensitive to criticism. (pre-intermediate)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. -------------------------------------------------
How about watching a movie on Friday? (elementary)
8. -------------------------------------------------
Do you mind if I open the window? (elementary)...
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