Literature For Form 2

Topics: Question, Wind, Thunderstorm Pages: 2 (307 words) Published: January 13, 2014
Exercise 1 – “I Wonder”
Read the following passage. Fill in the blanks with ONE suitable word.
The young boy is taking a walk in the park. As he walks, he looks __________ (1) him. He does not know why the _________ (2) is green. He can feel the wind but cannot _________ (3) it. He would like to know who teaches the __________ (4) to build nests on trees. He also notices that the moon is not always _________ (5). There are many questions on his mind such as why the __________ (6) clouds hand so high and why a rainbow looks like it is ________ (7) in the sky. If he asks his father all these questions, he thinks that his father will not tell him the ___________ (8).

Exercise 2 – “I Wonder”
Circle the correct answer.
1. When one is not sure of things, one ________.
A. believes
B. wonders
C. suggests
D. suspects
2. One can _______ the wind but not see it.
A. feel
B. sense
C. smell
D. touch
3. A word that rhymes with ‘rest’ is _________.
A. sees
B. look
C. best
D. pens
4. When is the moon round?
A. On a dark night
B. On a warm night
C. On a cold night
D. On a full moon night
5. To ‘blow out’ is to _______.
A. appear
B. disappear
C. dazzle
D. sparkle
6. Lightning is likely to flash during a _________.
A. hazy day
B. heavy downpour
C. thunderstorm
D. windy day
7. The word that means feathery in the poem is ________.
A. green
B. round
C. flash
D. fluffy
8. The persona thinks that his father will _________.
A. give him the answers later
B. not tell him the answers
C. know everything
D. appreciate nature
9. The trees take a rest when __________.
A. the grass stops growing
B. the wind stops blowing
C. the lightning stops flashing
D. the stars stop disappearing
10. A word that rhymes with ‘high’ is ___________.
A. been
B. test
C. sigh
D. doubt
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