Learning Another Language

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Jared Potts
Mrs. Mowry
Spanish 10
20 September 2010
Learning Another Language
Have you ever considered learning a second language that you’re interested in? Learning another language can greatly improve your life and broaden your view in this world. Learning another language has been proven to raise your grades and exam scores. Companies and businesses have been known to hire many people who know more than one language because it benefits in dealing with other countries. You can benefit from learning another language because: you will benefit in future careers when dealing with other countries and clients who don’t speak English, your scores in school will go up, and you will be able to talk to other people in other countries and learn about their cultures.

Knowing another language can expand your career options. It has been proven that companies and businesses look mainly for people who speak more than one language. Knowing another language “can lead to careers such as teaching, translating and interpreting, and government positions.” (Careers 1) When speaking more than one language in a career, your boss and coworkers trust you when doing business in another country. When you know one language in a business, you’ll have less chances of traveling to another country to do business. That is, if they give you a job when you only speak one language.

In addition to business, studying another language can also improve your grades. It has been proven that students’ grades have gone up because of studying or knowing a second language. “Studying another language can improve your skills and grades in math and English, and can improve your entrance exam scores.” (Why Learn 1) When you learn another language, you also learn a lot about your own native language. So being improved in your own language as well as knowing another language, can help you understand your school work better and help you perform better as a result.

Furthermore, speaking more than one...
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