Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Topics: Question, Customer, Customer service Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: December 1, 2013
To: John Miles, Owner
Subject: Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant
Date: 11/25/2013

As you requested on November 18, this report summarizes my analysis and recommendation regarding the customer survey results that management conducted last Friday and Saturday during the dinner crowd at Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant.

The main problem that I see is the high percentage of customers who are unsatisfied with the time it took to be served their ordered food. It is extremely important to provide excellent customer service in the restaurant industry because customers have several options and can take their business elsewhere. Jose’s can easily lose customers and income due to unsatisfactory food preparation times.

Quality Defined

Quality at Jose’s is defined by the five questions that were asked in the customer survey in Appendix A. Eighty-three customers who were eating at the restaurant last Friday and Saturday night were asked to answer “yes or no” to each survey question. Out of all the questions, more people answered “no” to being served at a reasonable time than the other questions. Thirty percent of the customers thought that they waited too long for their food, which demonstrates that the largest concern over quality for the restaurant is the time the customers expected their food. Just under half (49%) of the total “no’s” in the survey can be connected to this question. If customers are unsatisfied with the time it takes to get their food, they will likely answer that their experience was not worth the cost. The reason why it is important for customers to be satisfied with the time it takes to receive their food is because they have the option to go elsewhere. There are several other restaurants in the area that can provide customers with what they want. Without customers buying Jose’s food, the restaurant will not stay in business because their income depends on the purchase of their food.


It is clear to me that the main...
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