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Topics: Question, Interrogative word, Love Pages: 3 (1086 words) Published: July 6, 2011
Crystal Robinson
ENGL 1003
Final Essay

Jasper Chase is a young successful Author who is a resident of a small close nit college town named Raymond. Jasper has one successful book and is said to be working on a new novel. He also attended the First Church of Raymond where he accepted from the Rev Henry Maxwell to pledge himself, earnestly and honestly, for an entire year, not to do anything without first asking the question, ‘What would Jesus do?’ and after asking that question to yourself to do as you think Jesus would. Jasper Chase had fame and fortune but what he was truly searching for was love and acceptance. Jasper Chase has a personal transformation that is not a particularly good one.

Jasper Chase is in love with Rachel Winslow and wrote his first novel as a thinly veiled account of their romance. He had told Rachel Winslow that he loved her, and she had rejected his love. After the service at the Rectangle he had an impulse to speak to her that night. He had showed his feelings to her because he thought that she felt the same way but that was not the case. He tried to recall how he felt when he first spoke to her. He felt that she had never been more beautiful tonight. While she was singing he saw and heard no one else. He felt that he had to talk to her tonight when they were alone. When he spoke to her, he felt that he had misjudged either Rachel or the opportunity. He knew, or thought he knew, that she had begun to have feelings for him. It was no secret between them that the heroine of Jasper's first novel had been based on Rachel Winslow, and the hero in the story was himself and they had loved each other in the book, and Rachel had not objected. No one else knew. The names and characters of the book had suggested to Rachel that they were based on herself and Jasper, when she received a copy of the book from Jasper, the fact of his love for her, and she had not been offended. That was nearly a year ago.

Jasper Chase was so...
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