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Brandon Stinson
Miss Goncher - 2
11- 16-12
Hamlet Final Essay

The play Hamlet is a classic example of a tragedy. The entire plot of the play revolves around the characters scheming against one another for personal benefit or revenge. The characters in the story attempt to entrap other characters with a plan that always leads with death of the entrapped person. The three main examples in the play of characters entrapping other characters is Hamlet killing Claudius, Claudius killing King Hamlet, and Laertes killing Hamlet.  

The first scheme in the play of one character entrapping another is Laertes killing Hamlet. Laertes has a desire to murder Hamlet because Hamlet killed his Father Polonius. Hamlet killed Polonius and afterwards did not show any sorrow for the accidental murder. Laertes was raged and came up with a scheme to kill Hamlet with the help of the king. The plan was to challenge Hamlet to a dual in fencing. The fencing match would be tampered with by giving Laertes a sharp sword with a poisonous tip which guaranteed death with one cut. The king had a drink for Hamlet with poison mixed in as a back up plan because Hamlet was a good fencer. Laertes’s plan would end up being successful in a way because Laertes goal was to get revenge by the death of Hamlet. Although his plan was “successful” , in the end, his plan would cost him his own life , the kings life, and the queens life.

The second scheme in the play of one charter entrapping another is Hamlet killing Claudius. Hamlet did not like or admire Claudius because when King Hamlet died Claudius married Gertrude. This was wrong because Claudius was King Hamlet’s brother and because of how quickly Gertrude moved on from King Hamlet. These issues alone did not lead to little Hamlet’s desire of killing Claudius. King Hamlet came back to Earth as a ghost and explained how Claudius was responsible for his death and asked that little Hamlet kill Claudius in return. Hamlet was furious at his uncle...
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