Going to College

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Going to college was not a very important thing to me as much as playing sports or doing other things interested me and I didn't think about what I wanted to be or what college I am looking for. Spending most of my time playing and doing the things I thought were important. I did not have a strong reason to attend college, especially since my Father did not even finish middle. For a very long years I watched my Father working hard and he did not seem to have a problem with it at all. I even could not imagine him as a doctor or an engineer. I liked him the way he was. I did not realize how hard his hard was because he never talked to me about it.

When I was graduating from highschool things started to change. I was growing older and taking more responsibilities on my shoulders. Many people and friends asked me “ What do you want to be?” or “Is there a specific college you are thinking of?” I always answered them the same answer which it was I am not sure yet. They were surprised because they didn't think that I wouldn't know what I wanted to be. Especially because I was an excellent student and I never had a low grades. I did not hate school like others. but, I could not find a reason to admire it like the other things I admired.

I began to worry about where I might end up without any goals for my Future. I started to think less about playing games and thinking deeply about what is ahead of me, asking myself the same questions over and over. “what do I want? Who do I want to be?” The moment I found the answers many things
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