Evolution Theories

Topics: Evolution, Species, Natural selection Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Over time, many theories have been developed concerning the way evolution was originated. One of these main theories was that Multicellular organisms originated slowly over the last billion years from unicellular organisms. Another main theory is that Multicellular organisms originated abruptly during the Cambrian (around 500 million years ago) explosion from unicellular organisms. While these two theories are very different from one another, many people support each of these ideas. However, I am very certain that the theory stating that they evolved slowly over the last billion years is correct, while the other theory is false.

According to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution it states that in order for a species to evolve it can never take a great and sudden leap, but it must advance through short and slow, gradual steps. This theory clearly matches to the first theory that was presented. In Darwin’s Theory, he states that natural selection acts only by taking advantage of slight successive variations. This means that while species are living on the earth, they will adapt and become fit for their environment through slight changes each time a new generation of that species is created. In my opinion, this is the most rational and logical explanation for the way organisms develop and evolve.

According to this same theory, it would contradict the second idea completely. It is saying that an explosion caused brand new species to appear basically out of nowhere does not make very much sense. It would make more sense if that explosion would cause a standstill in the evolution process or even a negative impact on it due to the organisms having to rebuild their environment. It would however create slightly different species, but they would still have to evolve into more capable organisms because even though they would be different, they would still be basic to their new environment. Although this second theory could be correct, it is still very unlikely.

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