Evaluate job role and function of three mental health professionals and their effectiveness

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Assignment 1

1- Evaluate the job role and function of three mental health professionals outlined in this course and their effectiveness.

The Community Psychiatric Nurse- CPN
The CPN works with people in the community, often providing support in their own homes to maximise their independence in day to day living. A CPN can also be clinic based. Their job role is to support people in transitions from hospital back into the community and also support them to seek any further medical attention they see appropriate. A CPN will support families and Carers in helping them to understand and cope with illness. They support patients with medication they should be taking and when to take it. The CPN usually acts as the first point of contact if a client begins to feel unwell and will support clients by discussing coping mechanisms. The CPN is normally attached to the CMHT (Community Mental Health Team) and has been known to visit clients every day in a crisis situation. ‘Multi-disciplinary teamwork is a central facet of effective community services and, for the CPN, membership of a team has several potential advantages: CPN’s have direct access to resources of central importance to their case load. This is particularly important if the nurse is acting as case manager or key worker. CPN’s have direct access to support and supervision

CPN’s can be managed as part of the team
CPN’s can maintain their role in liaison between psychiatric services and other agencies. CPN’s can offer the flexibility of home visits and travel away from the main base which other members of the team may not be able to offer. CPN’s can have direct access to in-patient units to provide continuity to their patients as well as to be involved in aftercare arrangements prior to discharge. CPN’s can more easily engage in their new responsibilities in relation to the Care Programme Approach section 117 aftercare and supervised discharge.’ (Boardman, 1997)

The effectiveness of a CPN can be of huge importance to a client. Regular visits and support help to build the trust and rapport between CPN and clients, this can encourage clients to engage with services available to them. This build-up of trust can be very effective in getting the client to attend appointments and maintain medication in turn helping to maintain their mental wellbeing. The flexibility of home visits can make the client feel more comfortable in their own surroundings resulting in a more productive meeting with a CPN. If the CPN liaises with the rest of team effectively this can have a massive positive impact on the client as all professionals involved are fully informed and aware of each client’s needs resulting in a more effective person-centred care plan.

Occupational Therapists-OT
The role of an Occupational Therapist is to help ensure that clients are supported in their day to day lives, helping them to live as independently as possible and in a safe way. ‘In all instances, the aim of the occupational therapist is to assist persons in getting the most out of life, equipping people with important skills and mind sets that make it possible to enhance the experience of living.’ (wisegeek.com) Occupational Therapists deliver interventions based on evidence aiming to enable individuals to carry out the activities that are important to them in their daily lives. The Occupational Therapist can be very effective using different techniques, changing the environment and the use of new equipment. This can help the individual regain or improve their independence and this in turn can help to improve self esteem and confidence. Occupational Therapists are very effective in improving the lives of people of all ages by helping them to take part in the tasks of daily life. ‘Occupational therapists are the only professional group that have a complete and full understanding of occupation, unpicking, assessing and analysing activity in a way that provides support to people of all ages, promoting...
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