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Alan & Martinâs relationship started with a rough note, where Alan tends to become uncooperative in answering Martinâs questions to him. A possible reason to this is those questions are considered as a private matter for Alan. Questions such as his first encounter towards horses to Alanâs relationship with his parents were confronted by Martin. Hence, to show his uncomfortable feeling of those questions, Alan answers those questions in the form of jingles. It is also possible reason why Alan answers Martinâs questions that way, is due to his mental being. It is proven that schizophrenic patients have the aptness of memorizing precise information that they find interesting. In this case, as a 17 year old schizophrenic, Alan has a wide fascination of various matters, such as his fondness of horses and the word Equus, and nonetheless his attractions towards advertisement songs that he come across while a short period of time watching television. His interest of particular jingles may be caused by his fatherâs views and restrictions towards it. The authoritarian behavior of his father causes Alan developed a depressed and isolated feeling that he kept to himself. This depression was channelized by Alan through the television, where contrasts with his father; television has no restrictions towards his life. He gains his freedom through the world of television.From the following excerpt of scene 6 of the play, Frank Strangâs point of view is clearly highlighted. Alan [jumping up] : Dad!Hesther : What?Dysart : The answer to a question Iâd asked him two days before. Spat out with the same anger as he sang the commercials.Hesther : Dad what?Alan : Who hates telly. [He lies downstage on the circle, as if watching television]Hesther : You mean his dad forbids him to watch?Dysart : YesAlan : Itâs a dangerous drugHesther : Oh, really! From this extract as well, we can sense the detachment between Alanâs parents and Alan himself. Alan did not fight back towards his...
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