Benefits & Disadvantages of Cell Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Cordless telephone Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: August 17, 2013
The Advantage and Disadvantages of Using Cell Phone

Topic: Cell Phone
Thesis: Using cell phone could be very beneficial in everyday lives, however, there are some drawbacks that we need to be aware of.
Possible introduction: Nowadays, more people are using cell phone compared to several years ago because of its beneficial factors it brings. People could communicate easier, be up-to-date with current technological inventions, and teach responsibility value to children. However, we need to be fully aware of the negative sides it brings, such as addiction. Main point 1: Ease of communication

Sub point 1: Never miss a call
Sub point 2: Ability to stay in touch (parents with children, friends) Main point 2: Technological advancement
Sub point 1: GPS
Sub point 2: Applications (tracking, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Main point 3: Responsibility
Sub point 1: Teach children discipline
Sub point 2: Teach time management skills
Main point 4 (opposing point of view): Addiction
Sub point 1: Expensive bill, affect study behavior
Sub point 2: Distraction (texting while driving)
Possible conclusion: Even though there are several drawbacks in using cell phone, we could manage to outweigh the benefit cell phone has if we could limit ourselves in using it in our everyday lives. It is best to always keep a good balance of our social live and our social networking live.

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