beauty without bunnies

Topics: Immune system, Animal rights, In vivo Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Lipstick or Life?
Your lipstick is to die for. Literally. Right now, millions of mice, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside cages across the country waiting for the next painful and terrifying experiment to be performed on them. Before we conduct another experiment, we need to consider our treatment of others, both humans and non-humans. Animal testing is a form of animal cruelty that is no longer necessary or acceptable. There are many alternatives to animal testing that still ensure that the product is safe for humans. In addition to this, different species react differently to the same substances, so the tests aren't always accurate.

Last year, over 167 million animals died due to animal research. At this rate, the number of animals that will die this year will be well over 200 million. Animals used in these testing facilities are treated in inhumane and disgusting ways. Dogs are forced to eat pesticides, monkeys have their skulls cracked, mice grow tumors larger than their own bodies, bunnies are blinded, the list of cruelties goes on and on. After having these excruciating and terrifying experiments performed on them, they are usually dumped back into a cramped cage, or killed and thrown out like garbage. 100 percent of the animals used in testing facilities are killed, either during the experiment or after. Even though there are multiple alternatives to the use of animals, the law does not require they be used, and therefore, they aren't.

Animal tests started in the 1920s, making them extremely inefficient and outdated today. Non- animal methods typically take less time, and cost less than the cruel and controversial tests they replace. These humane research options include in vitro (tube tests), computer modeling techniques, and studies of humans themselves. The research laboratory CeeTox uses human cell based test tube toxicity screening to test various cosmetics and drugs, and VaxDesign created Modular IMmune In...
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