Adolescence stage

Topics: Developmental psychology, Emotion, Childhood Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: February 4, 2014
Adolescence Stage

In this research it talks about the stage of adolescence but mainly how children change through out this stage. It talks about the fact that childrens bodies are changing. At this point they are capable of reproduction. They have also reached their point of growth. They still only think about right or wrong, not thoroughly thinking about consequences. With that said they don't like to make many decisions. Their strength to be able to solve harder problems and figure out what people are thinking have improved greatly. It also talks about them growing, spreading their wings in other words. They are becoming more independent and want a little more freedom. This doesn't mean they don't love their parents any less, they just want to figure out more things on their own. Although ,since they are still new to the whole growing up thing, they sometimes want to be closer to their parents and crave attention but shortly after distance themselves again. I guess you can compare kids to roller coasters. They go back and fourth, up and down, just like their emotions. Their whole life up to this point has revolved mainly about family. Now they want to be more social,again referring to their independence. They want to be around more friends, other kids of the same gender, more girls or guys. They want to explore other ethnisities. This article also talks about kids finally wanting or being able to fall in love. They want to be part of something so magical. Parents sometimes just see it as puppy love but for us teens, it may actually be love. We get to the point where we are capable of understanding whether its real or not. Sometimes teens get lucky and find "the one" at such a young age. This article to me is quit believable. It talks about Physical Development, Intellectual Development, Emotional Development and Social Development. It has a way of explaining what teens go through for parents to understand. It also pertains to...
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